Walk-Thru Information

You will have a walk-thru on your new home approximately 1 week before the closing. At that time, you and a J.C. Homes representative, will go through your home room by room to make sure the home is complete and satisfactory to you. Any items not complete will be listed on the walk-thru list with approximate completion dates.

Due to scheduling of subcontractors, they may be some items that will have a completion date after the scheduled date of closing. In this event, you will have the option to postpone the closing until items are completed or close as scheduled and allow us and our subcontractors entry into your home. We will need your cooperation for entry into your home should we need to complete items after the closing. We encourage you to be home at that time, but it is not necessary. We will not escrow monies for work not completed on this walk-thru list. We will simply complete the items listed as soon as possible.

During this walk-thru we will also explain to you how to operate your mechanical items and present you with the paperwork for these items. You will only receive one pre-closing walk-thru, so we encourage you to set enough time aside to make note of any and all items you would like repaired or simply completed. Eleven months after your closing, our, J.C. Homes Warranty Manager, will contact you regarding any items that need repair, in accordance to the Home Buyers Warranty booklet. We ask that you review that booklet prior to making your warranty list. We will warranty items listed within the guildelines of that book (Construction Quality Standards), not homeowner maintenance items. You wil find this booklet in the J.C. Homes book given to you at the purchase of your new home.

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